Internet in the Classroom--"One Thing"

on Monday, July 9, 2007

I learned a lot in the "Internet in the Classroom" graduate course this summer. I created an entire website from scratch, set up my Google Reader, learned how to use blogs and wikis in the classroom, and so much more. However, I would have liked to have compiled a collection of ready-made web resources for use with my curriculum. There are already a bunch of great lessons, web quests, and slam dunks on the web that would match well with the topics I teach, but I usually don't have time to search for them during the school year. It would have been great to have compiled a list of resources I could refer to during the busy seasons of the year.


Megan Fritz said...

Hi Carrie,
Here is a site that you can bookmark. It is a comprehensive list of sites for each subject's a start!

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