Re-envisioning My Own Learning

on Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tonight I worked on a concept map about an upcoming science unit of study: the scientific method.

It was easy to create the specific learning goals, but I really struggled at first when it came to selecting the best mindtools to facilitate my students' learning during this process. As I learn more about my students' learning styles this year, I think it will be easier to understand what they actually need to learn and be successful.

To complete the mindtool project, I think I'll need to focus on just one section of my map. Since researching is the hardest part (and the most dreaded by the students), I'm going to focus on that section. The students will be allowed to work in partners this year, so finding a collaborative online method will be key. As a teacher, I'll also need to see what work each team member is completing. I like the idea of a concept map, but I'm not sure how to easily give feedback and guidance & ensure that each student fairly contributes. I found another possible tool called NoteStar that I'm going to look at more closely.


Emily said...

I think it is a great idea to focus on the researching aspect of the scientific method. That is one concept that is really hard to master and in my opinion, really hard to assess. Students have a difficult time gathering evidence and finding out information. Using a concept map, or some time of graphic organizer will definitely help get them off to a good start!

Megan Fritz said...

Here are some other tools that might help: (Create a list on a topic others in your group. Can also comment on the web pages.)

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